Monday, October 31, 2011

Unfortunately, This Is Not A Costume.

Today is Halloween.  I've never been one who really enjoyed Halloween.  It was fun when the kids were little to see their excitement over getting dressed up and going trick or treating, but even then, it was not my favorite holiday.

This year, I actually had to think about putting together a costume for Halloween.   My main squeeze and I were invited to a costume party that was held last weekend.  We dreaded getting dressed up because it just isn't our thing.  I guess we are just duds in that department.  We could think of absolutely nothing to wear, so, reluctantly, we went to the Halloween Store.  This seasonal store has been a fixture near our mall for several years.  We had never even thought of going there before, but when we were desperate for inspiration, we decided to go see what the place had to offer.

The place is a Halloween fantasy shop for sure.  We could not believe all the costumes, wigs, shoes, accessories, jewelry, and assorted props that were on the shelves.  These costumes are not cheap either.  The average price was at least $40!

Little did we know how much fun we would have looking at all the various Halloween outfits.  I guess we are still kids at heart as we found ourselves joking about the types of outfits and combinations we could come up with.

In the end, I was too cheap to buy anything but a couple of wigs and a pair of glasses.  I didn't have time to sew anything because, as usual, I had waited until the last minute to come up with an idea.  I bought a Marilyn Monroe wig for me and an old bald guy wig and pair of glasses for my hubby.  I was just sure I could come home and fit into my red sexy dress that would make me look like Marilyn.  "It was big on me the last time I wore it," I said to hubby.  (I wore it last in about 1988!)

Unfortunately, my bubble was burst when I got home.  I checked the size first: a size 8.  Thinking it would fit because it really did used to be too big, and still in denial, I tried it on.  It could not be zipped up because there seemed to be at least a four inch gap that the zipper could not accommodate!  I guess I've gained a few pounds since I wore it last.  In the end, I wore my grandmother's old mink stole and wig.  Jim looks a bit like Einstein.

Today, I am not in costume.  I wish I were when I look in the mirror!  I look how I feel: frumpy, old, and tired.

In the past four months, I have lost nearly all of my left eyebrow.  My right eyebrow still has a few hairs left.  My eyebrows suddenly disappeared in June.  As I told my daughter, "I've lost my eyebrows, and I really always kind of liked the ones I had."  Once, very thick, I constantly had to wax or pluck them to keep them in shape.  Now, they are gone.  (Are they gone for good?)

My hairline has receded so much that I think I look like my father more and more everyday.  I can't even get my newly cut bangs to cover up the loss.

I'm tired.   I barely can drag myself around.

Oh and then, there are the heart palpitations and racing heart that I am again dealing with.  These are accompanied with anxiety and near panic attacks.

Does this not scream that I must again be suffering from hypothyroidism?  A year ago, I was finally diagnosed with Hashimoto Disease after being on synthroid for hypothyroidism for years.  A new regime of taking my medication worked for about nine months.  I knew it was no longer working, but sometimes, it takes the doctor a bit longer to decide to change my medication because the blood work says I am the "normal range."  I happen to know where I need to keep the levels to feel right, but that doesn't seem to count for much.

The doctor's office called this morning after I dragged myself into her office last Thursday and said that she had to find out what was wrong with me.  She ordered all kinds of blood work.   Sure enough, I am "out of range" on my TSH.   I need to change my dosage of synthroid.  I also need to go back on iron.  No surprise here!  Hopefully, I will start feeling better.

In the meantime, in order to not scare the little trick or treaters at the door tonight, I will put on my make-up, starting with penciled in eyebrows, and hope they don't think I'm dressed as a frumpy, worn-out, old woman.

Happy Halloween!  Are any of you dressing up this year?  Do you have plans for any parties?


Joanne said...

I hardly ever get dressed up and when I do its usually something like a halo or bunny ears ...never a whole costume. I had a friend who every year would come up with and sew her costumes and her husband's. She was once a flower in a pot and her husband was a bee. Her husband was such a good sport... there is no amount of money in the world that would make my hubby get into a costume that included tights!!!! LOL. You made a young gorgeous looking Marilyn!
Blessings, Joanne

LC said...

Hope the hair , eyebrows and energy return with your change in meds! Mine, eyebrows, eyelahes and hair have not reappeared. I don't need a costume. I was always last minute with kids as in, "okay drape this old sheet over you and be still so i can cut some eyeholes before you go out the door."

Not sure if severe costume deprivation had a permanent effect or not! My daughters-in-law are a million times better!

Relyn said...

Hope you have a lot of fun tonight. Happy Halloween.

Rita said...

Halloween was never a holiday I enjoyed much. Even when I was a kid, I was the oldest and had to herd my little brother and sister from house to house. Never got into dressing up like so many do, either. You're not the only ones.

I hope you get your meds straightened out. I have chronic fatigue with my fibro, so I feel like that all the time. Not thyroid, they checked--just have to live with it. There are some doctors out there that do listen to you, but they are hard to find. *sigh*

I had to chuckle. Size 8!! I think I left size 8 in my rear view mirror when I was in junior high--LOL!! Getting old is so odd. I feel the same inside, but my body keeps changing on me.

Anyways, have a Happy Halloween!! :):)

rosaria said...

Oh dear, your symptoms need to be checked out! Sometimes doctors don't know, have not had experience with these things, and take forever to get around to researching and responding. Hope the new meds help.

We are not doing Halloween this year. I have no energy at all.

Teacher's Pet said...

So much I want to say after reading your blog....and I can be "wordy"...:)) so, I hope that you'll bear with me. much fun was that to go into a costume store! I haven't done that in years...and like you, I probably wouldn't have bought costumes either....but knowing me, I would have fingered each one...and loved looking at all of the costumes.
I have the same bald-headed-guy and glasses mask that your hubby is wearing. I love it!! Yep...he does look like Albert. (relatively speaking) :))
Regarding your getting into your dress that you wore in 1988....sigh. Don't get me started on that!! Size 8!! Oh my goodness. I didn't even know there was such a size. I thought all dress sizes were double-digit sizes....that's my story and I'm sticking to it!!!
I'm proud of you for donning the wig, stole and going out last weekend. Good on ya! You look lovely!
As I read more into your blog, I was saddened to hear about your medical issues. I'm glad that you went and got the bloodwork done, and I hope that the new meds will work quickly for you.
We won't have any trick or treaters this evening. We live on a farm in a rural area of south Georgia, so we don't see anyone that is out and about....but my Grands will come over and we'll get to see them.
I send you lots of hugs and wishes for a good week. Take care of you.
Hugs and smiles to you,

Kay said...

I hope Jim won't be mad at me, but that wig makes him look like Bernie Madoff. Ooops! I love your Marilyn Monroe costume. I could never find a dress-up I liked for Halloween. I was always a witch almost every year at school. The only change being a pink wig. Not much Halloween decorations in the neighborhood here in Hawaii. I miss that.

Linda Reeder said...

I'll be wearing my witch hat and cape that I made about five years ago. We're all going to the mall to trick-or-treat, a first for all of us. No kids ever come to our house anyway, since it's back off the street on a long driveway.

gigihawaii said...

No candy because no kids come by. It will be just a normal evening for us. Hope your health improves. It's no fun being sick.

Linda Myers said...

Halloween is my husband's favorite holiday, because he can buy eight sacks of candy, answer the door for the nine children who will show up, and eat the rest.

Except this year. He has a meeting at 6 p.m. He says we can just leave the candy out on the porch in a bowl. I don't like giving out the stuff at all. I'm tempted to turn off the lights and sit in the dark.

Olga said...

No costumes, no parties for us this year--as most years. i did run out for a small bag of candy "just in case." In 21 years in this house we have never had a single trick-or-treater, but you never know.

Sandi said...

I totally empathize with the feeling/getting old blues! What a bummer it is losing those eyebrows and eyelashes. I still haven't learned how to draw the eyebrows on, so I keep hoping my eye glass frames hide most of the loss. I have hardly enough eyelashes to put mascara on!

When did it all disappear??

Good for you getting out and having fun. But, sorry to hear about the medical stuff. Hope that all gets sorted out quickly.

I think I just have to live with the being tired all the time. It's always there.

Barb said...

I think that red dress probably shrank just hanging there in your closet. You make a very sexy Marilyn. My best friend's thyroid shut down years ago when she was under a lot of stress. She can alway tell when her dosage of meds is "off." We never get Halloweeners and are spending a quiet night in front of the fire. Hope your meds soon help you feel better.

Lynilu said...

Like you, Halloween is not my favorite holiday since the kids outgrew the "cute" stage. Among other reasons, I detest being scared. I found nothing fun or funny about it, never have and never will. And yet so many love doing that. sighhh.

I was invited to a costume party, but the hostess became ill and it was cancelled. I wasn't broken-hearted. Instead of that, I had a couple friends over for dinner and I enjoyed that greatly!!

Arkansas Patti said...

I think you two look "fabulous,"
Had to laugh at your size 8 aspirations. Can relate.
I do hope you get your meds straight. Pretty sure that could cause the hair loss.

DJan said...

I really like reading all the comments to your post, it's like a reunion of all my friends hanging out and offering advice. I wonder what it means that I'm getting MORE hair on my face, not less. My eyebrows (or should I say unibrow) are in no danger of disappearing.

I took an old wig to exercise class yesterday and wore it briefly and was able to pass it along to someone who will give it another ten years of fun. I once dressed up every year at the office, but it's been a long time.

I do hope the new meds work for you, Sally. It's really no fun to be dragging all the time.

Beth said...

I am glad the doctor has finally found your problem and is changing your medicine. I am at the point now with my meds being changed around and am feeling awful in the process.

The last time I wore a costume was when I was working at an AFB. Civilians and military alike got to dress up for Halloween.

Terri Tiffany said...

We hate to dress up! I don't think we ever have in all our lives together.
I have thyroid condition and I know it needs to be checked often. I hope your doctor helps! It is frustrating to deal with age issues too. I have to find new doctors here and I dread it as my old one was so good!

Larri @ Seams Inspired said...

Love your costumes! Kudos to you for enjoying the festivities and leaping out of your comfort zone for the night. :)

When I was reading your symptoms, before I looked at the next lines, I thought to myself...Sounds like a thyroid issue. (((HUGS))) and prayers that your meds will take care of the problem. It stinks to be out of whack, doesn't it?

PS...You are so NOT a frump! You are beautiful. ☺ Happy Wednesday!

troutbirder said...

Good grief. From personal experience I know the "golden years" aren't alway so golden. Your story about the "other woman" though was hilarious. Mines name is Gert. My spouse and her had several arguements on our recent trip to Arizona. Sometimes I wish the one I've lived with for 45 years had a similar button to Gerts which moved to the left would turn off the sound. Getting driving instructions from two women at the same time can be rather nerve wracking. :)

Dee Ready said...

Dear Sally, Thank you for sharing with us today the malaise of being ill--that deep-down tiredness that sucks the joy out of life. I so hope that a new dosage of medicine will help you feel your cheerful self again.

Tiredness affects us in every way--physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. And in being tired and not equal to the day, we miss so much of what the day wants to give us in terms of joy.

As to my halloween costume? Size 8 must have been when I was in 5th grade! I wear sweat pants and top with a turtle neck all the time except in summer when I wear only T-shirts. So the wig you bought would have been the extent of my dressing up.

Have a lovely day, "Marilyn"!


becca said...

hope you had a wonderful time

Friko said...

No, I didn't dress up and never will.
Halloween is not something i go in for.

Sorry you're not well, you really need to get your doctor to take your symptoms seriously.

KleinsteMotte said...

The heart stuff can be a deficiency in calcium and magnesium. B6 and B!@ are also very important. I know how you feel cause I've had this happen. The other thing is to get something to calm the anxiety attacks so you don't lose your self confidence. Fear can do nasty tricks. You may even wish to be checked for allergies/ sensitivities as they too can cause stuff like this.
Hope you see a doc to sort it out. And Hope that supplementing your diet may help.. So sorry to hear that these issues are cropping up.

Deb Shucka said...

I get all the Halloween I can stand in my classroom. :-)

I'm glad you're getting answers, and hope you feel back to your old young self soon.

Love the picture!

Jeanie said...

Ha! I'm sure none of your goblins were too frightened! You make me smile and I love the photo.

I'm glad you are finding some answers to your health issues. It's interesting, how we often know what is going on with our bodies, even before the docs do the tests. I hope you begin to feel better very soon indeed.