Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Weighty Issues

My weight is an issue.  I'm not terribly overweight, but I need to lose about 30 or 35 pounds.  My health is the issue here.  I recently learned that I am pre-diabetic.  Also, my BMI and my waist measurement is not within the healthy guidelines.  I would love to look better in my clothes.  I would love to wear a smaller size again.  I would love to get rid of my muffin top.  The bottom line is:  my weight is something I need to address seriously.

Weight was never an issue with me.  I had five children and always was down to my pre-pregnancy weight without even trying within six weeks after the birth of each child.  I guess in my twenties and thirties I was way too busy chasing toddlers, and carrying babies around in my arms to gain any weight.  I cooked heathy meals.  I grew much of our food, and I canned what I grew.  I made homemade wheat bread.  I was very conscious about feeding my family the required servings of fruit and vegetables every day.  We could not afford junk food.  We did not drink pop.  I never even gave weight gain a second thought.

When I went through a divorce in my late 30's, I was so upset by the divorce that I lost 14 pounds in 14 days.  I didn't have 14 pounds to lose at the time.  I simply was too upset to eat.  In the beginning couple of years of being a single mom, I was extremely thin.  I finally put on enough weight that I looked heathy, but thin, when I attended my 20th class reunion.  (I am the brunette on the left in this photo.)

For the next ten years or so, I never worried about weight.  I walked a great deal.  I went dancing.  I hiked occasionally.  I worked a full-time job, went to school full-time, and I was a single mom.  Who had time to worry about weight?

My sis and I went on a road trip to California when we were in our 40's.  We had great fun driving her husband's Jaguar from Colorado to California to visit our younger sister.  We could still turn some heads on that trip.  I kept telling my sister that it was the car that we were in.  Still, we looked pretty good, slim and trim, way into our 40's.  (Sis is on the left, and I am on the right in the photo.)

In my late 40's I married my wonderful husband.  All of a sudden a few things happened.  I developed thyroid problems, I started menopause,  I married Mr. Candy/Cookie King, and we began to eat out a lot.  I immediately gained 30 pounds.

About seven years ago, I joined Weight Watchers.  I successfully lost the 30 pounds and reached my goal weight.  Slowly the weight crept back on.  Even a few years ago, my weight was reasonable.  I wanted to get back to my WW goal, but I was not concerned about my health...yet.

Now, I am concerned.  The doctors say I really must lose the weight.  They are right.  I don't like not feeling good.  I don't want diabetes, heart disease, high blood pressure and all those other things that I am racing towards.  I want to be healthy more than I want to fit into those size 8 pants.  Ok, I really want to wear size 8 pants too!

DJan, a blogger friend, is writing about her goals to work on making a slight weight adjustment.  She's inspired me.  Now, I have made my decision public.  I hate that I have done this!  I will join the fight.  I will go back to Weight Watchers.  I know this works for me.  I will do it again.  Hold me accountable, please!