Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Husband

He is a prince of a man.
I know of few who are so kind.
I was blessed to meet him when I was just sixteen.
He is loved, admired, and respected by many.
He is the much loved father and step-father to eight children.
Seventeen children call him Grandpa.
Many in the city respectfully call him Mr. Wessely.
He was a teacher, counselor, and principal to thousands.

My German Prince
Heidleberg Castle, Heidleberg, Germany
The place where his parents married.

I am the woman who is greatly blessed to be his wife.

We've had a wonderful life together.

I am blessed to have him as my companion.
I wrote this poem for him a few years back as anniversary gift.

Masked Lover
Masked lover
Night breathing through a machine - 
Your lifeline.
The sound:  smooth, quiet, regular,
providing a white noise of sorts.
You, my masked lover, are my lifeline - 
solid, strong, masculine, unmovable.
Winter warmth.
Trouble comforter.
Rock of my daily experience.
Anchor for my heart and life.
All these words cannot express
The comfort,
The strength,
The safety,
The provision,
The stability,
That I thank God for
When I embrace 
my lifeline, 
at night.

Happy Birthday, Dear.

Here's to many, many more!