Saturday, January 29, 2011

A Brief Reprieve

I feel almost guilty to report that we've had the most marvelous two days in Southern Colorado.  Yes, it was nearly 80 degrees on my back deck today.  The digital thermometer read 78.6.

I took a short walk yesterday and wished I brought my camera to capture  some snapshots of all the people I saw out walking dressed in summer attire of shorts and sandals.  I even ran into a couple of my neighbors enjoying a picnic at the Riverwalk of Pueblo.  Dressed in sleeveless tops, they were soaking up the sun while they took a break from winter.

I know this summer like weather won't last long.  Cold weather is on its way into our area again tonight.  The forecast says that we will again have snow soon.  Next week temperatures in the 20's and below are being forecasted.

Atticus in Boston Snow
 January 2011
In the meantime, I think of my kids who are suffering in the snow and wish I could bottle up some sunshine and send it to them.  Just this past week the family in Boston was nearly buried in snow.  Atticus and his mom and dad spent two hours digging the car out.  I bet he was wishing he was back in Bangladesh being taken by rickshaw to school.  Maybe not, I guess school were closed in Boston.

My daughter in Utah reported that they are suffering from a terrible inversion.  (Click the word for the definition.)  January inversions are no fun in Utah.  The air is heavy, thick, foggy and cold.  She suffered from a bad asthma attack today and had to make a trip to a medical clinic in order to get treatment.  I worry so much about her when the weather is bad in January.  I remember so many winters when she was child when it seemed that she suffered endless bouts with croup, asthma and pneumonia.  January, her birthday month, also brings such terrible weather where she lives.  I reminded her that there are only two more days left in the month.  February is coming.  Spring is not too far off.

I'm very aware of our special blessings here:  sunny blue skies and warm weather.  I watered the trees,  walked in the sun, sat a bit on the porch, and soaked up enough sunshine and vitamin D to keep my spirits up for the next onslaught that I know is coming.  Winter isn't done with us yet, but this short reprieve that we've enjoyed has been so appreciated.