Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Remembering Past Saint Patrick's Days and A Dear Friend's Birthday

This holiday also holds another special memory for me. Fifty years ago today, on March 17, 1961, I had my first date with the young man who would one day become my husband. Yes, Jim Wessely and Sally French had their first date on this day many years ago.

We went to the Sweet Sixteenth Birthday Party for Dove, the girl who actually introduced us, and set us up. I was a very shy, skinny sophomore in high school. He was a very popular senior who played football, was a class officer, and king of the girls' sock hop.

Now, I'm not sure I should kiss and tell, but he did kiss me on our very first date. Shocking, isn't it? I was a bit mortified. We went to the prom together about a month later.

Jim & Sally
Prom 1961
At about the same time as our first date, the following quote by him appeared in the school newspaper: "The perfect date for the prom for me must be cute, sweet and short." I fit the short part...I guess that is how I made the cut!

Here we are, fifty years later.  This photo was taken at a 50 year class reunion this past year.  Now  please note, I did not graduate 50 years ago.  I am much younger than my husband.  Remember, he dated me when I was just a sophomore and he was a senior.

Dove & Sally
EHS Reunion 2010
So, on this Saint Patrick's Day, I want to thank that dear friend who introduced me to the love of my life.  Thank you, Dove.  You know how much this man means to me.  He is a treasure.  Who knows if I ever would have met him if it were not for you.

  Today, is Dove's birthday.  I hope it is a happy one.  Perhaps she will go skiing in Vermont with her dear husband.  I will be thinking of her.  I never forget her sweet sixteen birthday.  We were all so young back then, but we made friendships and relationships that grow more valuable with passing day.

 Dove, the years have taken all of us down roads we never expected to travel back in 1961.  I guess that between the two of us, we could write quite a book.  We've been separated by years and by miles, but you have always been such a dear friend to me.  Happy birthday!  I hope you have many more.