Thursday, May 24, 2012

Springtime Flurry of Activity

Living in limbo is no fun.  We have listed out house to sell so we can move to a town forty miles north of us.  It is my hometown, so in some ways, I will be going home.  We have even found the house we want to buy and have put money on it in a contingency offer.  After making the decision to move, I found it hard to approach my garden in the same way as I usually do this time of year.

Certainly, there was much spring clean-up to do in preparation to putting the house on the market, so out I went with my trimmers, my shovel, and my weed digging tools.  Once I got started digging in the dirt, I didn't really want to stop.  Suddenly, I felt so much better than I had all winter.  I tell you, pulling weeds is good for the soul.

One thing led to another.  I really did have to transplant a few things.  I just couldn't let the flower beds remain so overgrown with perennials that need to be transplanted.  Then, there were the delphiniums.  I really had planted them in the wrong spot.  They always looked lovely in the spot I had chosen for them surrounding the birdbath, but the wind catches them and whips them about so that their tall stalks end up on the ground.  They really did need to be moved to a more protected spot in the yard.
Garden 2011

Once, the transplanting was done, I decided the beds needed some annuals.  Having some flowers in pots, and adding annuals to borders as I always do would only add to the "curb appeal" of the house.  Once I stepped into a nursery, it was all over.  I had to load up the car with plants to bring home and plant.  There is nothing more satisfying than spending a day digging in the dirt and planting annuals.  I also planted some more herbs and even a few tomato plants.
Black-eyed Susans
Garden 2011

Garden 2011
After all that flurry of activity of bending, digging, stretching, and lifting, I had to make a visit to the chiropractor, but my mental state is great.  My physical state is also great except for those places where I feel my age.

We have had a flurry of activity in showing our house also.  So far, there have been no offers.  How could anyone not just love this place?  I guess the right family for this house just haven't seen it yet.  I am hopeful, but I am not getting my hopes up in this economy.  This causes us to really feel like we are living in a state of being betwixt and between.
Garden 2011

I could not spent this spring in limbo.  I may be selling this place.  It is up for sale, but it is still my home.  I still live here.  I love sitting and looking at my flowers.  I haven't stopped making plans for what I want to plant where.  This makes it hard to move on to a new place in many ways, but I don't know when that will happen, so while I am here, I will continue to bloom where I am planted.
Pope John Paul II
Garden 2011
Don't you just love the rose above?  It truly is a beautiful rose.  You can read more about it by clicking on the name of rose.  It was a Mother's Day Gift a few years ago from my oldest son and his family.


I will be taking a short break from blogging.  
I will be back to blog land sometime next week.
Enjoy your Memorial Day Weekend.