Sunday, February 14, 2016

Valentine's Day

We didn't exchange cards this year.
I say to him,
"Have you seen the cost of a card?"
I heard a commentator on the radio say you could buy a paperback book for the cost of a card.
True that!

I suggested we go to the store, 
pick out a card for each other,
exchange the cards we pick in the card aisle,
then, put the card back and go to dinner on the money we saved.
Jim loved that idea.

I have files full of cards from my Valentine.
I think I've saved them all.
He saves his too.
Maybe we should pick out our favorites and re-exchange them.

There is no doubt that this man is my Valentine whether I give him a card or not.
A blog post is free, so this one is dedicated to one I love.  


My Valentine

There was a day, a very long time ago, when we were in high school, when this guy was my date to the Sadie Hawkins Sock Hop.
He was crowned the King of the Hop.
I was the lucky girl that he took home from the dance.

I was smitten then.
I still am.

Those kind brown eyes are the eyes that belong to the man I adore.

How can we ever know when we first meet someone whether or not they are that special someone?
If my daughters or granddaughter's would ask me that question,
what would I say?

I think that special someone should be
solid as a rock.
Can you count on that one you have fallen for?
Is he the real deal?
Will he be there through thick or thin?

Is that special someone kind?
Does he say and do kind things?
Is his kindness authentic?
Or is he just trying to impress you?
The man I chose for my Valentine is always kind.
He's impressive, but he doesn't seek to impress.

Does the one you think you love have a giving nature,
or does he need to always receive?

As I think of all the traits that a Valentine should have, my list could go on and on.

Let me sum it up by saying,
look for:
a sense of humor, and
a bit of orneriness.

Look for someone with:

Look for someone with a strong character.
Is he the same person when no one is looking?

Look for someone without bad habits.

Look for someone who values:
and education.
Trust me.
Someday, those things will matter.

Would your Valentine make a good parent?
Does he love kids?
Is he willing to invest in the future by working with the youth of today?

Does your Valentine, love you?
Really love you?

If you left your Valentine for thirty years and he suddenly came back into his life,
would he still love you?

My Valentine meets all of the criteria above.  

I remember when my girlfriends and I were in high school, we would ask each other what we wanted in our boyfriends, or in the guy we might marry.

We'd say things like,
He's a good dancer.
Do you remember saying that?
Actually, I love to dance with Jim.  He gets the most charming look in his eyes, and his smile is so darn cute when we dance, that I guess I can check off that box.

Somewhere down on the shelf, in a high school yearbook, 
there is a photo of Jim and me dancing at the East High Homecoming Dance in 1961.

When we went to our first prom together in 1961, we never could have imagined that
Jim & Sally
 we would go to our last prom in 2012.
Jim & Sally 2012
Because he was a high school principal, I danced with my Valentine at many a prom over the years.

Along the way, this is what I learned:
It isn't about the 
it's about the
dance partner.
Choose wisely.

Our dance has not always been one we would want to display on the ballroom floor.
Sometimes, we have a power struggle over who is going to lead.
Sometimes, we are just plain out of step with each other.
Other times, the music seems all wrong.
Sometimes, it seems the evening has drug on way too long,
 and we just want to sit the next dance out.

Then, another year rolls around,

Valentine's Day brings up the subject of love and romance.
I look at that dear man across the room from me on an early Sunday morning, 
his eyes still sparkle even when he doesn't feel that well.
He is incredibly warm and loving towards me.
He is supportive and accepting of me.
He is still my funny Valentine.
He makes me smile.
He makes me laugh.
He makes my heart ping with love.
He brings a tear to my eye because I am so grateful to have this man as my husband.

Since I didn't buy him a card,
I promised to take him to a new coffee shop that has some great treats and a romantic atmosphere.
So, I will end this this Valentine's Day tribute by saying,
I love you more today than I did yesterday.
I hope to spend many tomorrows with you, the man I love. 

Jim & Sally
Brown Palace
Anniversary Trip 2013