Saturday, October 22, 2011

Happy Birthday to My Wonderful Husband

He is a prince of a man.
I know of few who are so kind.
I was blessed to meet him when I was just sixteen.
He is loved, admired, and respected by many.
He is the much loved father and step-father to eight children.
Seventeen children call him Grandpa.
Many in the city respectfully call him Mr. Wessely.
He was a teacher, counselor, and principal to thousands.

My German Prince
Heidleberg Castle, Heidleberg, Germany
The place where his parents married.

I am the woman who is greatly blessed to be his wife.

We've had a wonderful life together.

I am blessed to have him as my companion.
I wrote this poem for him a few years back as anniversary gift.

Masked Lover
Masked lover
Night breathing through a machine - 
Your lifeline.
The sound:  smooth, quiet, regular,
providing a white noise of sorts.
You, my masked lover, are my lifeline - 
solid, strong, masculine, unmovable.
Winter warmth.
Trouble comforter.
Rock of my daily experience.
Anchor for my heart and life.
All these words cannot express
The comfort,
The strength,
The safety,
The provision,
The stability,
That I thank God for
When I embrace 
my lifeline, 
at night.

Happy Birthday, Dear.

Here's to many, many more!


  1. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful man, Sally! I'm so glad you found each other again at just the right time! May you have many more years to celebrate together!

  2. A beautiful tribute to a wonderful man, Sally! I'm so glad you found each other again at just the right time.
    May you have many more years, many more birthdays, to celebrate together!

  3. Me thinks ... he's a lucky man!

  4. I enjoy reading about couples who are obviously still in love. Happy Birthday to that remarkable man, and continued happiness to your both. :)

  5. You make a fine looking couple and it is wonderful to witness the love and appreciation you have for your husband.

  6. What a nice tribute to the relationship you share, Sally.
    Happy birthday to your husband.

  7. Beautiful tribute to a handsome prince. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

  8. Happy bday to your German prince and kudos to a wife who expresses appreciation for a giving spouse!

  9. Just beautiful! Happy birthday to a real prince of a man!

  10. Happy birthday to you, today and many many more to come... :-)

  11. and many happy returns of the day from me.

    Herzlichen Gl├╝ckwunsch zum Geburtstag!

  12. A very special tribute to your husband on the occasion of his birthday!

  13. Oh my... this is just so beautiful. What a sweetheart he is, as are you. You are both blessed. Happy birthday to you wonderful, handsome prince.

  14. This was so beautiful what a wonderful tribute to your one and only true love!
    Blessings, Joanne

  15. Yes, it's true. Those people with October birthdays really are the best! I hope you both have a wonderful birthday weekend.

  16. It's sweet that you recognize him and sweeter still that you express this to him. And gratefully, we get to listen in and be inspired. Happy birthday!

  17. Well, first of all, happy birthday. And second, your poem is simply stunning. Eloquent, heartfelt, passionate and loving. Perfect!

  18. Yep.Congratulations! We have been married 35 years and still madly in love. We were nearly 30 before we found each other though! What a game of chance it is!

  19. And a glorious happy birthday from the west.

  20. Love that white noise! We both sleep better now, me especially, no longer listening in the night.

  21. This is a lovely tribute. Happy Birthday to him, and congratulations to you for nurturing and celebrating your great relationship.

  22. Happy BIrthday to your husband, my husband of almnost 40 years birthday is the day before on Oct. 21...I always tease him he was an almost Halloween baby, our only daughter is 34 on Nov 3, 2011 very lose to her daddy's birthday, they are almost joined at the hip when she is having an ill day, frustrating day, he is too, I could never get sick when she was in school, knowing he was coming home ill to that very day..Happy Happy, the years seem to fly your blog..we were first married and lived for almost 7 years in colorful Colorado and our only child born in boulder county, oh, my it was not as crowded as it is now and busy, but we do miss blue skies, warm weather most of the year, but one has to get used to all the dry weather, missed some moisture, but found people happeir and healthier there than in washington state where we live, we wanted to live in the largest city Seattle it did not happen, so we live near Oregon and suffer with the highest unemployment rates since God only knows probably the great depression..have a wonderful birthday year to your Hubby, enjoy colorful Colorado..

  23. Happy Birthday to your husband and congratulations to you both for being together so long!!! Awesome.

  24. Lovely Birthday post! Happy Birthday to a guy who has a great smile.

  25. Happy birthday to your husband.
    Reading a few of your blogs, I am touched by the love and closeness that you share. Blessings to both of you!

  26. Hi--Just popping over from Friko's. Your husband has one of those faces I could look at for hours; it's truly interesting and has such soft kindness in every angle.

    Happy day to your man!

  27. You are so blessed to be with such a man as he is as you describe him! Anytime we grow in our love for someone as you have it is a HUGE blessing! Happy birthday to him!

  28. Very sweet, and so romantic. This gives me all kinds of hope.

    Happy Birthday to your husband!

  29. Sally, that was absolutely beautiful and most touching. What a lovely man, and loving wife you are. Your marriage sounds like a match made in heaven!

    Thanks for your comments today. I didn't know you were as ESL teacher! I am so grateful for ours. She is translating all the Spanish conferences, and such a help to me.

    I love the families, too. They are so genuine, and truly appreciate the least little thing. I've always asked for the ELL cluster, as I enjoy the warmth they bring to the classroom.

    I just got the news today that I have a new ELL coming on Monday!

    The more the merrier!

  30. beautiful tribute and happy birthday to hubby

  31. Great pictures, great travelogue, and - sounds like - great husband. Wish him a "Happy Birthday" and thanks for letting us share in your love for one snother.


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