Friday, November 11, 2011

Sense of Humor

One of the things that I love about my husband is his sense of humor.

A Short Story to Illustrate A Point:

A few weeks ago, my husband I purchased a new washer and dryer at Lowe's.  The purchase was sweetened by some good discounts.  Today, my husband noticed there was a sale on the brand of washers that we purchased, but the model on sale was actually an upgrade from what we had purchased.

I guess the knowledge of a better deal has been on his mind today. At dinner he mentioned he would really like to go see the upgraded washer that is currently on sale.

Immediately, the phrase "cognitive dissonance," popped into my mind.  "He is trying to reduce the dissonance he was feeling because he thought he had missed out on getting a better deal on a new washer by buying too soon," I thought.  I know I can expect this response nearly every time we make a large purchase.  Some may describe the feelings he experiences as buyer's remorse.  

Feeling a bit flirty and feisty, I asked him a question.

Me:   "Did you have to practice cognitive dissonance after you married me?"

Jim:  "No, there wasn't a sale."

Gotta love that sense of humor!

Our Wedding Day
Surrounded by our children and their spouses
The groom is holding his first grandchild.


Barb said...

Hmmmm - good thing you're not a washer, Sally.

Jeanie said...

I'd say he got the best deal ever with you and I bet he knows it.
The wedding picture is wonderful.

Linda Myers said...

Just looking for the best deal, ma'am.

Of course, there is such a thing as sunk cost. You've bought it, it's done, it's time to move on.

About the washer, that is.

Sandi said...

Great photo Sally! You have to appreciate a good sense of humor!

Arlee Bird said...

A good sense of humor is so important in a marriage. You guys sound like you have a sweet relationship.

Ann Carbine Best visits Wrote By Rote on Saturday 11/12/11

Rita said...

That is so funny!! He's a clever man with a quick wit. Love the wedding photo. :)

Kay said...

Awwww... that's fast thinking, that's for sure. You have a high value gem there, Sally... just as you are.

We just bought a Little Giant Ladder on sale at Costco. We got home and Art was checking something and found that the same brand of upgraded ladder was going on sale at the BX on Black Friday for $6.00 more. Sheesh! Back to Costco, returned the ladder and I think we'll be getting up VERY early on Black Friday to get that upgraded ladder.

I told Art, "You remember the saying... One ladder in hand is better than a possible ladder on Black Friday?"

He didn't think that was funny.

Joanne said...

What a great wedding picture! You tell him " No refunds OR exchanges~~you're stuck with me!" :O)
BLessings, Joanne

Jeanie said...

That's fabulous! I'm glad there was no other sale going on, for it would appear he got the best deal in the world!

DJan said...

Yes, you are a very fortunate person to have a mate with a sense of humor. My guy loves puns and I love to groan at them. We end up laughing.

Your wedding picture is so sweet!

Jean said...

That is one outstanding wedding photo! What a good-looking family.

I suspect I suffer from a mild case of buyer's remorse, too. I try not to let it get the best of me, usually.

Betsy from Tennessee said...

Cute story, Sally... YES---we all are always looking for a better deal (except when it comes to our spouses of course).... ha ha

Great picture of your families at the wedding... How happy you looked!!!!

Thisisme. said...

Hi Sally. You are so blessed to be with someone that can make you smile, and who has a real sense of humour! Loved that little story, and what a fabulous photo.

Grandmother said...

"Love's more beautiful the second time around." And if you find someone with a sense of humor- you've struck gold! Congrats.

Friko said...

What, no discount? And your still married?
Perhaps he's happy with the model and doesn't want an upgrade.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

What a blessing a sense of humor is in a marriage -- and you both are so blessed to have found each other again. What a beautiful wedding picture!

Arkansas Patti said...

Ok--now that was funny. Besides you all ready were the upgrade.

becca said...

lovely picture and you got to love a good sense of humor

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

Good story, and a great wedding photo!

Teacher's Pet said...

I love that when I come here I am surrounded by your header....first thing....and how beautiful it is!!
Your hubby has a great sense of humor.... :)))

Sightings said...

You're a great "straight man" for your comedy duo!

P. S. I appreciated the Nov. 6 article from your daughter Keicha ... you must be very proud of her.

Vagabonde said...

It’s good to have a mate with a sense of humor – life is often not easy and laughs are good therapy. My husband is also very good with words (English being my 3rd language I am not very good at making funny jokes) and I don’t think there is a day that goes by that I don’t have a good laugh because of what he said. You are a lucky woman.

Dee Ready said...

Dear Sally, I've never been married, but have many friends and a sense of humor seems so important to me. I know that my own has gotten me through a lot in life.

So your husband's humor delights me! Thanks for sharing this story of washers and discounts and yes....a good marriage.

And the photograph made me smile at the happiness I saw within it.


Deb Shucka said...

He's a keeper for sure. So, did you get the other washer? What a beautiful bride you were!

KathyA said...

That's funny!