Wednesday, October 31, 2012


Welcome to our new home!

Our New Home
Colorado Springs, Colorado
Friday, October 19, 2012

Twelve days ago, we posed on our new front porch.  We were happy and excited to be finally moving to our new home.

Wow, were we ever naive.
We hadn't moved yet.
Everything seemed orderly in our lives.
We had finally sold the home we had loved so well for so long.
We had purchased the home we had fallen in love with in my hometown of Colorado Springs.
We celebrated by spending a wonderful, last evening in Pueblo at The Rusted Poppy Inn, a wonderful bed and breakfast.
I'll have to tell you all about that great place later.
I took lots of pictures.
The place is awesome.

The next morning we were supposed to begin our move.
I will spare you the details.
Let's just say we had the move from the hot place.
Our movers were less than competent.
It took them three days to complete the task.
At 9:30 p.m. on Sunday, the third day of this move, I was so fried mentally, emotionally and physically, I left our new home, and my credit card to pay the movers,  in the hands of my competent oldest daughter by marriage, Jim's daughter Thia, and went to the hotel to go to bed.
She, her husband, and her son stayed at the new house waiting for the last load of stuff to come from Pueblo.  Jim spent the night in Pueblo and didn't get to our new home until 5:00 p.m. the next day.
Thia held the mover's feet to the fire until all boxes were appropriately placed in the house and the job was completed sufficiently.
I owe her big time!

That same evening, when we were in the throes of the move, my youngest daughter by marriage, Jim's daughter Trinette, and her husband Nathan and I went out to sit on our new deck for a moment.
The evening air was warm.
There was a slight breeze in the aspen trees surrounding our deck.
I looked out on the beautiful meadow behind us.
I looked west to the mountains so close it seemed I could touch them.
I felt as if I were at a resort in Vail or some other wonderful place in Colorado.
I could not believe I was on the deck of my new home.
In that moment, I knew this place would be a place of
and a place that would truly be
our home.

The next day, October 22, was my husband's birthday.
I didn't have time to give him a card.
I didn't even have time to wish him happy birthday on Facebook.
He was Pueblo supervising the cleaning of our house we had sold and vacated.
I was in Colorado Springs trying to make sense out of the placement of boxes all over the house.
We had guests coming at 6:00 to celebrate his birthday.
Yes, I'm crazy like that.
I have a party with guests on the first night I move into a house!
Finally, at 5:00 my dear husband, the birthday boy, arrived home with Boston who had been kenneled for five days while we made the move.
I captured his birthday portrait on our back deck next to the door that goes to our bedroom.

At 6:00 our guests arrived.
Thanks to Thia and Brad, my husband had cake and ice cream for his birthday party.
His day and our first evening in our home was celebrated by two of his daughters and their husbands, some of his grandchildren, my cousin, and our realtor.
It is good to live by family again.

Happy Birthday, dear Jim.
He celebrated by moving into our new home.

Since that time, we have tried not to be overwhelmed.
Although, I must confess, at times, many times, I've felt like just sitting down and crying.
I still have boxes everywhere.
The kitchen is finally unpacked and everything is in place.
I have the bathroom set up and organized.
The closet is getting there.
Thanks to my sister, my dining room is unpacked and china is sitting all over the table.
Thanks to a dear friend of Jim's, Rob, pictures are hung and other tasks we could not do are done.
My sister Carol has been a lifesaver.
We've had a lot of fun playing house, arranging furniture and moving things around.
Thanks, Carol.

Tonight, I am sitting in our guest room.  It is in shambles.
My desk is not functional. It is still covered with boxes.
The family room looks like something from an episode from the hoarders.
So does the garage.
So does the storage room.
So does the other guest room.

I don't know when I will dig out.
I am trying to take it one box at a time.
I am trying not to obsess over my need for order.

We are both a bit homesick.
Jim was terribly homesick on Sunday.
Today, I am.
"Do you feel like this is home yet?"  I asked Jim after dinner.
"No, not yet.  How about you?" was his reply.
"No.  Not yet."

Home where is it?
At times, I step outside and I feel the air, look at the mountains, and am filled with great peace because
I am home.
I drive the familiar streets of my hometown.
I am home.
I am happy.

I also am in a state of unsettledness.
I'm not home yet.
I miss my old home.

The sermon I heard on Sunday summed it up.
I sat next to my sister and listened to the words of the pastor and listened to the familiar voice of my sister singing.
It made me realize we all have a longing for home.
This place will never be my home.
I hope to make this temporary earthly home a place of peace, a sanctuary from the hustle and bustle we faced for so many years.
It is good to be in a place where old memories of loss do not linger.
It is good to be starting over.
I have new energy and new interest in making this house a home we will enjoy.
We are located in a bucolic setting.
I am amazed at the beauty that surrounds me.
I have been greatly blessed with this new place of residence.
I also know that my longing for home will not be satisfied on this earth.
These places where we live are only temporary.
They hold great meaning,
but they are not our final destination.


Linda Myers said...

Lovely reflection, Sally.

Elizabeth said...

Looking forward to photos of your new surroundings!

#1Nana said...

Sounds like an emotional roller coaster! Take it easy. You've got the rest of your life to get organized. I wish I were nearby, I'd keep you company while you organized. I have no design sense and don't lift heavy boxes, but I could keep you laughing. Blessings on your new home.

Arkansas Patti said...

First a belated Happy Birthday to Jim. Glad he finally got to celebrate.
Moving tests our mental, physical and emotional strength but rewards us with the excitement of something "new". In my case, it also rewarded me with a 15 pound weight loss. Who has time to eat?? Think I need to move again:))
When ever you get overwhelmed, taking that cuppa out to enjoy the view is refreshing. That got me through a lot.
Eventually you will find that next box to tackle is empty and you can relax a bit.
Take it slow and just enjoy the stimulating ride.
You are so right, we are all just renters here on earth.

DJan said...

Congratulations on making it this far into the move from one abode to another. I hear you about the feeling of wanting to go home when you have not become familiar with either your earthly home or your heavenly home. It will only get better now, dear Sally.

Your need for order will return as things begin to fall into their correct place. And you are so fortunate to have family nearby. Hugs to you and happy birthday to Jim! :-)

Olga said...

I started anxiety breathing from reading this. I abhor the disorder of moving and packing/unpacking boxes--usually under some kind of time constraint is a recurring nightmare that I have. Go out into that back yard at look at the beauty around as often as you need to.

Jackie said...

Your new home sounds beautifully located, Sally. How wonderful and blessed you are to be surrounded by family and friends that helped make this move easier for you and your husband (happy belated birthday to him.)
As we look forward to our heavenly home, we find our ways to be content and embrace the happiness of our temporary home here on Earth.
I look forward to more photos of your lovely home and surroundings. I send you warm hugs as you settle in to your new home.

Chatty Crone said...

Best wishes to you in your new home. Remember you will have the rest of your life to unpack. Happy birthday to Jim. Your home looks beautiful. And you are by family now. How nice.

Pondside said...

I hope you feel a little more settled each day, as you unpack and set things up. Moving can be such a wrench, but a move back to a hometown has the special challenge of high expectation. It sounds like you'll find your balance again, though - after all, if you could throw a birthday party, you're well on your way!

Rose said...

Your experience with the movers reminds me of my daughter's move to Arizona. She hired the cheapest moving company she could find and soon regretted it--it was two weeks before all their furniture and belongings arrived!

A lovely post, Sally, and so timely, too, after watching those who lost their homes and all their possessions to Sandy the last few days. So many of those interviewed as they surveyed the destruction expressed thankfulness that they still had their loved ones, a reminder of what is really important.

The boxes will get unpacked and all will get sorted out eventually. Don't push yourself too hard!

That corgi :) said...

Moving can be daunting in and of itself. Any "kinks" into it can make it such an unpleasant experience. Sorry the movers were a big part of not making this the most pleasant of adventures. Soon your house will seem like home; take your time unpacking boxes and setting things up and I bet within the next few weeks, defintely by the holidays, things will fall into place.

happy belated birthday to your

and you are absolutely right, where we live here on earth is not our final destination and for that I am grateful


thisisme said...

Hi Sally. First, may I wish you and Jim lots of happiness and good health in your new home. How lovely to have all that beauty around you, and to be near your family again- blessings indeed my friend. I'm like you, I hate it when things are untidy or out of place.! Try to just do one box at a time and not get too stressed about it all. It really is such a
Huge step moving home . Sorry you had all those problems with the removal men, but you are in now and it can only get better. Take care and remember, don't go overdoing it! Hugs.

John Paul McKinney said...

Reminds me of a poem by Edgar Guest, Detroit Poet. It begins:
"It takes a heap o' living to make a house a home."
Congrats on the new place. May it always be a place of love and peace for you both.

rosaria williams said...

Oh dear, you have had a very full plate! Time to do nothing but sit and take each moment, doing as little as possible and enjoy it to the fullest. You will all dig in and make this a home. Just not in one day!

Blessings to you.

becca said...

beautiful reflection and enjoy your new home

Barb said...

The birthday boy looks great! Happy Birthday, Jim, and many more. I'm so glad you are in the new house even though it will take awhile to make it into your own special place. Take your time - there's no rush. Your surroundings sound magical. Rest and enjoy - it will all come together soon enough. (But, I do know how hard it is to live with your possessions still in boxes.) I'm in Evergreen again, staying with baby Sam so his parents can rest a bit. I'm beginning to realize why 68 year olds don't have babies.

MerCyn said...

Your new home sounds wonderful. And happy birthday Jim! Sounds like you will need a vacation when all the unpacking is done. Good luck with all the work - it is exhausting, but worth it.

Jean said...

Somehow I was slow in discovering this post. I'd been wondering if you'd completed the move and were settled. I'm glad to hear the move is behind you. The settling in will come with time, one box at a time. No need to rush it. Your new surroundings sound beautiful and comforting. Soak it all in and, most of all, unwind.

Dee said...

Dear Sally, your story resonates with me so deeply because three and a half years ago I moved here to Missouri from my home of 32 years and the state of Minnesota where I'd lived for 38 years. So much goes into making a home. And I so agree with you that we all long for home. I wonder if we each have a different definition of what that is.

When I started my blog a year and a half ago, I called it "coming home to myself." I didn't mean a place then. I meant coming to inner peace with who I am today, with all the failure and sorrow and joy of the past, and with the possibilities of the future. I meant letting go of trying to control who I am and simply trusting that I have come to love myself.

I wish you home. Peace.

Terri Tiffany said...

I'm glad i tried again to read your post. So glad you are surrounded by family and friends. You are going through the same thing i did. We have a three month rule. Another month and for me this will feel more homey. Hoping for you too!

Blissed-Out Grandma said...

You have poured a lot of yourself into this post, and I think many of us can relate to some part of your ordeal. I always need to get one room in an orderly state, even if it means stashing some boxes elsewhere. Sounds like you can get some wonderful peace and restoration just by going outside to enjoy your surroundings, and that is a real blessing! So is all the help you've had from family. Please take it easy and give yourself a while to settle in. One day...maybe in a couple of will realize that you've begun to feel at home.

Linda Reeder said...

I don't like disorder either, and knowing where home is is very important to me, so I can commiserate. Your house will become your home as you make it the way you want it.

Dr. Kathy McCoy said...

Having made a major move just a few years ago, I can really relate to this, Sally. And you're so right: we have peace and contentment where we find it and all homes on this earth are, indeed, temporary. You'll miss your old home for a while. I remember breaking into tears when our next door neighbors here, vacationing in Southern California, drove past our former home and took a picture to send to us. But we're feeling more settled now and you will, too, once your belongings and feelings are sorted out. I'm so glad that the hardest part is over and that you're starting a new phase of life is such a lovely place!

Grandma Yellow Hair said...

Oh my you have really been through the ringer but thank goodness soon this will all be behind you and you can enjoy your beautiful new home.
I think anyone that has had to deal with movers can relate to your story.
Hang in there and soon you will be sharing Happy Memories with us in your lovely new surroundings.

Auntie sezzzzzz... said...

Congratulations on your move... On your new home... And on selling your old home!

Gentle hugs,

Jen @ Muddy Boot Dreams said...

All I can say is it takes time to move into a new home and make it feel like your place. Don't try to rush it so much, it will enfold you, and comfort you as get settled.


Have Myelin? said...

Welcome to Colorado Springs! I live here, and love it. I don't feel like I live at "home" either.

One day.

troutbirder said...

Oh my what a struggle. Three days and bad movers. After our eldest son passed we eventually built a new house but had the luxury of moving about 200 yards north into our woods.... This was important for my spouse who didn't have to leave her network of friends....

Lynilu said...

Moving is never easy, but I think moving at our age is particularly challenging. Even if it goes perfectly, by the book, it is much harder on us.

I hope you find everything in it's place soon, dear heart. Meanwhile, find peace everywhere you can. :)

Kay said...

Thank goodness our move went a little easier considering we were moving from Illinois to Hawaii. However, we didn't bring all that much with us. Still I do love the look of the front of your new house. It looks very spacious.

All your precious photos are so beautiful, Sally.

Joyce said...

First Congratulations on your new home! Speaking as someone who has made many moves I would say to please be kind to yourself in these next couple of months. I think it takes a full year for most new places to really feel like home without you having to even think about it. I cry at least once a move and it can be the littlest thing that sets it off and I think it's okay and perhaps even a little bit necessary.

I also think the older we get the harder moving becomes. That has certainly been true for me with our last move. Maybe set a goal to unpack or deal with one area each day and that will feel less overwhelming. Take time to get out and see and enjoy your new surroundings too. I'm so glad you had the birthday cake on Day 1! Good for you!

Enjoy your new space and I hope many happy times are shared here.