Monday, November 10, 2008

Retired English Teacher Still Working

Not working today...
Now that is a phrase that takes some understanding, or does it. The title describes who I am. I am a retired English teacher who is still working.
I just finished a wonderful home cooked meal of split pea soup, crusty French bread and red wine. Now, who can ask for a more satisfying meal than that? I feel completely satisfied. I don’t even want a piece of chocolate! If I were not a retired English teacher, I could not have made split pea soup from scratch today. That is a bonus that comes when one doesn’t work on a regular basis. One can actually cook. If the day starts out gloomy, cold and rainy, as today did, I always think I want to stay home and make soup. Today, I was home, so I made soup. There is something that is good for the soul about making homemade soup and then eating it.
Retired English teacher, who didn’t have to work today also spent almost all of the morning on the computer reading emails, posting a few things on Blackboard for her class she teaches this coming Wednesday, and talking to a daughter who need a listening ear. Since this retired English teacher also needed to make it to Pilates by 1:00 p.m., she had to kick into high gear and get a few things done around the house. Actually, there are a lot of things to be done around the house, but I only had time for the most serious jobs that wouldn’t take much time to do. So, while my dear hubby vacuumed, as he always does, I cleaned mirrors, glass doors and then mopped the floors. Whew that was done just in time to get into my workout clothes and head out to Pilates.

My Pilates class was awesome. I just wish I had been doing this on a more regular basis over the last 20 years. Maybe if I had been doing yoga or Pilates, I wouldn’t be in the shape I’m in. Oh well, there is nothing I can do about the past, so I must be more focused on using the present to get this old body in better shape.

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