Sunday, April 3, 2011

The Golden Girls - More Precious Than Gold

We're not the girls from the Ya Ya Sisterhood, but we are a bunch of chicks who became friends when were East High Eagles.  Our school colors were gold and white.  Our school was brand new when we first entered its doors as freshmen back in 1959.  Some of us came from the East side of Pueblo, Colorado, a steel town. The East side in those days was mostly made up of middle-class working families.  The rest of us came from Belmont, a new development that had sprung up on the Northeast side of Pueblo in the late 50's and early 60's.  We began social networking by passing notes in class, talking to each other in class, and eating together at lunch.  We bonded in pep club meetings or after school at the football and basketball games.  We went to sock hops, proms, and slumber parties together.

Then, we graduated from high school and went our separate ways.  We married.  We had kids, or not.  Some got divorced, some didn't.  Some married classmates the first-time around, while others, like myself married high school sweethearts the second-time around.  We are children of the '60's so we have all traveled very divergent paths.  

At least 30 years ago, two of the girls got together and decided to invite others from the class of '63 to join them for a get together.  They had so much fun, they decided to make it a regular event.  Thus, this special group of women started a tradition that becomes more precious as each year goes by.  Pam S and Shirley Boyce were the original two who began the group.  Shirley sadly passed away a number of years ago, but we all continue to meet three times a year.  We always lift a glass to remember Shirley, but sadly we are now naming others who have left us through death.

Yesterday, was our first meeting for this year.  Since Kathy M. missed the Christmas get together, we decided to have our spring meeting at her house.  That's what happens if you miss.  Your house gets selected for the next gathering.  Kathy was gracious enough to go along with our plans to have a party at her house.  This meant that she even sent her Abby Lynn to her neighbor's house to play with Molly while we had our party.

Kathy & Abby Lynn
with Molly and Molly's mom

I love the hugs my high school buddies give.  When I am greeted by them, I know I've been hugged.  I love laughing with my high school buddies because when I laugh with them, I know I have laughed.  We laugh often and loudly.  As soon as one of us walks through the door, there are hugs all around, and there is laughter and joy in the air.

As is tradition, we gather for our group shot before we do anything else.  We want to get that done while we still have our lipstick on and our hair is properly arranged.  Plus, we don't want to forget to take the group photo.  We have to have some way of remembering where we were last and who was there.

Speaking of remembering, it seems that Eileen couldn't remember where we had our Christmas party.  She said, she remembered we'd had a Christmas party but couldn't recall where.  "Eileen," I said, "we had it at your house!"  I told her I had pictures to prove it.  So, here are the photos from Christmas.

Eileen, your new kitchen is just wonderful.  You look great in it.

The table you set was just beautiful and very festive.  And we all loved the lamp that you brought back from Mexico.

Here's the group that gathered for Christmas.  We all don't make it to every get together.  We miss the ones that don't make it.  

In September, we had a school reunion for the first four classes of our high school.  Our group of girls got together for brunch and had a wonderful time because we had so many there that had traveled from out of state.

As is our tradition, we mix up margaritas so we can toast Shirley Boyce, one of the founders of the get together.  This time as we gathered, we also sadly remembered Judy who passed away late this fall after a hard fought battle with cancer.  Judy is sitting in the front row in both of these photos.  She is dressed in turquoise in both photos.  

The margarita glasses are all lined up and ready to be filled by our excellent drink mixer.

Val lends a hand and adds some humor to occasion.

Three of us are still virgins.  Well, anyway, we drank virgin margaritas.  I pointed out that the virgins are still fluffy while the rest of them are flat.

Three fluffy virgins

I guess you could say that Kathy M was our guest of honor.  She attended the get together for the first time.  She came all the way from Kansas to be with us.  I was so excited to see Kathy.  I'd not seen her for since high school.
Kathy X 2

Kathy X 3
A Kathy Sandwich

We always have lots of good food to go with our drinks and laughter.

Before we eat our meal, and after our group photo and toast, we gather in a circle and catch each other up on what we have been doing since our last gathering.

This group of women are the most caring and compassionate friends you could ever meet.  Some are now widows.  Some are in remission from cancer.  Others are caring for older parents.  Some are dealing with other heavy burdens that call for support and love.  We laugh and cry as we share our stories.  We are there for each other.  Pam reminded us that we can call a special meeting whenever we need the love and support of the others.  

When Judy was nearing the end of her life, many of the group drove to Pueblo to be with her in the hospital.  While they were at her bedside, it was determined that it was time to move her to hospice.  The girls traveled to hospice to be with her in her final hours.  We have promised each other that we will do this for each other.  These girls are good for their word.

We met at 10:30 in the morning.  We ate hor d'orevres, took photos, shared our latest news, and then we ate dinner.  Kathy, as hostess, prepared the main dish.  It was delicious pulled pork and beef brisket.  We had wonderful salads and side dishes to go with it.  We also had three different luscious desserts.  As I looked around at my dear high school friends as we gathered around the table to share some food, my mind went back to high school.  I remembered sitting in the school cafeteria with these same girls.  I remember that they would remember each other on birthdays when we were in high school by bringing a cake to school to be shared at lunch.  I'm sure none of us ever imagined that we would continue to gather all these years later to share some food, laughter, and friendship.  But here we are, nearly 50 years after we graduated from high school still enjoying each other.  

We are all the same girls.  We haven't changed.  That is what I love.  I look in each girl's eyes, and I see my high school girl friend.  She is still there.  She is still young at heart.  We still laugh at our silly jokes.  We still get out of control with our girlhood sense of fun.  We also cry with each other because we love each other.  We treasure the time we have together.  These friendships have stood the test of time.

Conversation over dessert

Finally, at 5:00, after setting the place and date for our next meeting, we reluctantly begin to gather our things to go home.  It is hugs all around again.  We say our good-byes.  Our hearts are all a little lighter because we have laughed, we have cried, and we have again been blessed by the gift of friendship.

My East High School Girls of '63 are the best!  
They are the golden girls.
They are more precious than gold.


  1. Ya'll are AWESOME! Reminds me of my WOWS and WILLOWS groups, though I haven't known them since high school -- I love everything about your group -- friendships such as yours ARE golden, so I think you're the real golden girls....

  2. Oh girl, this was beautiful. You are all such gorgeous women. I cried reading this post.

    You're such a great writer. Thank you.

  3. You definitely have golden friends, Sally. Lucky you! Lucky all of you! I'm actually living very close to where I went to high school, but there's only a couple of girlfriends I meet with regularly. You've now motivated me to get a group going. I loved seeing your happy pictures.

  4. What a wonderful post. You are blessed to have such long term friendships. It takes real commitment to each other to maintain the relationships for so long.

  5. Isn't it amazing how old friends never change ... at least in our own eyes. 'Course, the margaritas help! Sounds like a wonderful time. Good for you for keeping up!

  6. These are the best friendships - the ones that are like the threads of your life tapestry... marriage, children, emigration, divorce and whatever else life throws out can never unravel.

  7. When I lived in Boulder, I had a women's group of seven of us who got together once a month for years and years. After one died suddenly, another moved away, the five of us continued to meet until I moved away in 2008. It was almost 27 years of dinners and lovely gatherings. Your high school friends are a larger group, and they are so absolutely beautiful. I like that I can pick you out easily. You are very fortunate to have this group, and I appreciate you sharing them with me.

  8. This was amazing. You know that you are so fortunate to have these enduring friendships in your life.

  9. What a wonderful time you ladies had and I think it is so special that you keep in touch.
    I am a bit envious for having moved every year while in school,I have only salvaged one long term friendship. Maybe that is why today's friends are so special.
    Keep those meetings going ladies and treasure those times.

  10. What a blast! Having a good time, all.
    Thanks for sharing your joy.

  11. That's an awesome tradition; congrats to all of you for continuing to support one another.

  12. Loved your post! Long friendships are such a blessing -- and how wonderful you're all so committed to each other. Such an uplifting story!

  13. So special!! The food, the laughter, the sisterhood! And I'm wondering if any of us can be described as now 'fluffy' :)

  14. That is the story of treasure....friendship is the ultimate gold! You told it beautifully and I felt like I was right there.

  15. What a lovely tradition! Friendships like that are priceless.

    I stopped by with the a-z blogging challenge. :)

  16. Hi There, This post is SO exciting to me... First of all, it's great to meet you!!!! I am retired (class of '60) ---and have 3 special childhood friends (we all went to Kind together) who get together once a year for several days just to catch up.

    After graduating from high school, we all went our separate ways for many years (college, raising families, etc.)... THEN--in 1992, the four of us decided that we needed a yearly get-together, the year we all turned 50!!!!! We've done it almost every year since '92... Such special friends!!!!

    Your get-togethers are fabulous.... There's just nothing like OLD FRIENDS.

    Thanks for sharing.

  17. Oh, Sally, what a wonderful tradition. I love not only that you've maintained it all these years, but also that you know and appreciate fully just what an amazing gift these women are to each other. Thanks so much for inviting us along for the party.

  18. Its always good to get back together with a group you've known for ages.
    You all looked really happy.
    Maggie X

    Nuts in May

  19. Wonderful that you make the effort to keep long-term ties alive. It's true - we still are those gals we used to be.

  20. I love your site and as I browsed your blog I decided to award you the Powerful Woman Writer Award.
    Go to and pick up your award.

  21. That you managed to stay together over the long haul of daily life is very remarkable. I was not that close to any of my classmates. Your group of ladies and all that you do reminds me of my years in Sorority. I miss that a lot. You are so very fortunate to have that precious golden group :)

  22. Oh, Sally, how wonderful! I so love how you've been friends for practically ever and what fun you are having! I see so much joy on the faces in those photos! Glad it was such a delight!


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