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Many years ago, my father had a secretary who wrote a weekly column for the local newspaper.  Her column named "Potpourri" was a collection of happenings about town.  Some may have even seen her writings as gossip.  Others dreaded seeing her coming down the street because they were afraid they would be fodder for her next column.  We warned our father never to tell this secretary what we were doing in the family because we hated reading about our life events in the newspaper.  A teenager is sensitive about the entire town knowing when she had a slumber party.  I remember the time I came home from college and brought a girlfriend with me.  Sure enough, it was reported the next week in the newspaper.

I did always love the idea of the flexibility that such a title gave her column.  She could write about anything with a title like that.  So, today, I am remembering that red-headed secretary my father had so many years ago as I write about several topics in one post.

Potpourri for March

March in Colorado can be totally crazy.  If I had just kept an online journal of the weather this month, it would be one filled filled with extremes.  Yesterday, I wanted to get started with some plan for my garden this year.  I am totally overwhelmed when it comes to knowing what to plant and where I should plant it at my new house.  So far, I have no vision whatsoever when it comes to my landscape.  I only know that many of those things I love most will not be able to be planted because of the deer who roam so freely here.  

So, my hubby and I went to a local nursery to see what they might have that I could set out for Easter.  Really?  Easter?  Who sets anything out for Easter in Colorado?  I am hungry for some growth that I can see somewhere.  If I were in Pueblo, I would see my peonies emerging from the ground.  I would see the daffodils and the tulips breaking through the earth.  Here, since I didn't even plant daffodils, I have nothing popping up.  I thought I might by some pansies.  They would survive the spring snows I reasoned.  No pansies were purchased.  The deer love them.  So, what about primroses?  Yep, the deer love them.  Well, it is still early.  I didn't buy anything to plant.  I came home with a big spray bottle of Liquid Fence.  I'm going to try to keep the deer out of my pine tree at least!

Today, being as it is the first Saturday of Spring Break, the week we traditionally get the most snow of all, we did get snow and wind.  One might think it was nearly Christmas instead of nearly Easter.  I stepped outside to snap a photo of the doe trying to find something to eat on the lawn across the street.  Those who are observant will note that the trees are budding.  Yep, it is Springtime in the Rockies.

I spent a large part of the day in the kitchen.  I do love my new kitchen.  It is much more functional than my old kitchen.  Today, I made 15 bean soup and added the ham I had frozen from our Christmas ham.  Somehow, that seemed appropriate with the snow and all.  I then made homemade whole wheat rolls by using my Vitamix.  That was the first time I tried using the dry blade container that is used for grains and breads.  The rolls turned out quite well.  It sure was easy to do.  

Now, as I sit at my new desk in the guest room, I look out of my window to the blue sky that is filled with just a few clouds and think how blessed I am to be surrounded by such beauty.  The hillside just out my window is covered with snow and tall ponderosa pines.  Tomorrow the snow will be gone.  We are fortunate to have the moisture.  We need it so much.  

Last Sunday we were walking in the Garden of the Gods and soaking up the sun.  Oh, ok, it was spitting a bit of snow last Sunday, but the sun was shining brightly and it was mostly warm.  

As we walked, Jim decided to lean into a nearby fence to stretch out his back.  Immediately, Boston jumped right up beside him.  This dog keeps laughing.  We love him so much.  He never misses a beat. He is always right by Jim's side.  No one ever had a better buddy. 

The week has been full of activity.  Jim and I try to get to the 'Y' on a more regular basis.  We are both doing Pilates.  Jim works out on the elliptical machine while I walk the track.  I am so thrilled to be back at what was our old neighborhood 'Y' when my children were young.  I feel like I am back home again and find it so comforting to again work out at this particular 'Y' where my children spent many happy hours.  

As I write, I listen to music streaming though the Bose radio that is hooked up to Jim's old iTouch.  Music from Roger Williams Radio, provided by Pandora, reminds me of the good old days in the Sixties as I listen to old show tunes from those years gone by. We live in an amazing age.  

I must say that I am grateful for the technology we have today.  I love that I can text my family so easily.  I love that when I ask my daughter how much snow she got today, she texts me a picture of it!  I love that I can stay in touch with all of you out there in the blogosphere.   We've come a long ways from those days when my father's secretary tapped out her weekly column on an old upright typewriter.  Wouldn't she have loved writing her potpourri of news in a blog?  

So, there you have it.  March and its madness is nearly over.  I am looking forward to next weekend as a few of my children and grandchildren will gather here to celebrate Easter.  I hope it doesn't snow!  If it does, it won't be the first time it snowed on Easter.  If it does, it will remind us in a very bittersweet way of another Easter when it snowed.

Julie, Keicha, Amy
Mason, Hannah and Phoenix
A Snowy Easter


  1. Dear Sally, here on the western edge of Missouri we are supposed to get eight inches of snow tonight. You said in your potpourri post that moisture was welcomed and here it is also because we've been in a severe drought for the past two years.

    Like you, I have come to be so grateful for my kitchen. It has plenty of cabinet space and counter space and I can spread out when I cook!

    Have a lovely Easter with your family. Peace.

  2. Hi Sally, Great post filled with lots of interesting info... Yes, technology has really changed.. In fact, it gets ahead of me no matter how fast I try to keep up... ha

    Easter is early this year --and our March has been COLD. Old Man Winter is not ready to leave much of the country yet....

    That is neat that you both are going to and enjoying the Y. George and I try to walk as much as possible --although I can't 'take' the cold like I used to.

    Hope you have a great week --and a very happy Easter.

  3. You live in such a beautiful place, Sally. I know that memories of where you lived rush back, but where you are now is absolutely gorgeous.
    I hope that spring comes soon for you and that you can get your plants and flowers in the ground.
    Your blog brings me joy; I love being here...Thank you so much.

  4. Ah,you'll just have to accept that spring will be slow coming and enjoy the family with or without fresh picked flowers. We have camellia, magnolia and almond flowering right now, as well as daffodils and tulips enough to fill vases and vases. My family will not be joining us, so, we have invited friends for Easter.
    It will feel less lonely, though my menu includes all that my children would have liked!

    Glad to hear you are both well enough to take classes at the Y. Enjoy!

  5. What a great dog you have. Spring seems to be taking its own sweet time arriving this year. I read in the paper yesterday that someplace in Ohio is suing Puxatony Phil for his bogus prediction of an early spring.

  6. I love the picture of Jim and Boston and hearing what great buddies they are.
    Even though you have some challenges in figuring out what to plant at your new home I sense that you are finding some joy in the planning.
    I just heard that we may get a bit more snow for Easter weekend.

  7. I heard on the news about all the snow Co got. Our last bit is almost all melted now.
    How great to see deer in a residential setting. If I could have a deer as a lawn ornament, I could do with out flowers.
    Cute picture of Jim and Boston.

  8. Hi Sally. I loved your Potpouri of a post! A little bit of this, and a little bit of that.Lovely photo of the family in the snow at the end. I hope you will be able to plant something in your new garden in memory of Julie. Something that the deer will not be attracted to! That must be a bit of a nuisance in some ways, but how lovely to have such beautiful animals close by. The weather is crazy over here at the moment. A lot of the country has heavy snow, whilst where I live we are being lashed by torrential rains and gale force winds :( Take care my friend.

  9. Such a nice bouquet of potpourri. I truly enjoyed it, and I do hope that you will be getting more springlike weather soon, Sally. I envy your Vitamix; my sister's was the first one I've seen in action and I realize there are no other ones out there that good! :-)

  10. Hi Sally, what a great post! Love the info and photos. Technology has advanced so much that many of us (I can speak for myself at least) tend to feel lost in it all. Thank you for sharing!

  11. I really hope it doesn't snow when we're there. Being my first Easter back in three years, it's going to be hard letting go of all the old memories and traditions and starting new memories in a new place. So much has changed. I'm honestly very fearful of how I'm going to cope. I'm already getting emotional and weepy remembering all the Easter's past. The memories a snowy Easter will bring just might be too much.

  12. Our little town had one of those social notes columns, too. Nothing about slumber parties, but visiting relatives were big news. I totally understand your eagerness for spring planting. We still have deep snow, and the weather is cold so there is little melting. Nothing will bloom until mid-April at best, and that's only if we get the temps up to normal. Loved your description of going back to the same Y where your family used to go! Life has ways of circling around.

  13. I love your gratitude about the beauty where you live now.

    I am bemused by spring this year. We experienced sunny weather in Arizona during the winter, and have returned to gray skies in Washington. Though I do see pink blossoms on trees, I am resisting enjoying them. Still wishing it were sunny!

  14. Nice photo ... and with the tree buds, the snow and the deer, it could just as well be here in the Northeast.

  15. It looks that despite your snow, you may still be further ahead than we are. But I love that you are out there, seeing sunshine, settling in and anticipating Easter! It will be nice to gather with family! Hugs!

  16. Sally, I loved the pic with the buds and the browsing deer!! If it makes you feel any better, we under under a bit of a watch for Monday night. However, I saw several robins this week and they know the truth!...:)JP

  17. Loved the fawn in the garden.
    Easter this year in Britain is going to be tough if the weather doesn't buck its ideas up. Seems like USA is having the same problem.
    Hope we get Spring soon.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  18. I love your Potpourri format for this post, Sally! And your cooking projects sound absolutely wonderful! The snow is so beautiful. I understand the bittersweet nature of a snowy Easter for you -- and hope Easter greets you this year, warm and clear!

  19. It sounds like you've settled into this home well. Remember when you were surrounded by boxes and feeling overwhelmed? And Boston is a great companion. Good for you!

  20. I really enjoyed your potpourri post. I hope you can find some plants that the deer won't like, but you will. Deer love roses, but Liquid Fence does a fairly good job of keeping them away.

  21. Greetings from a snowy Wales to a snowy Colorado. :-) I loved your potpourri post, Sally. Such a nice way of linking those odd items which make up much of the news of our lives.

  22. I had a chuckle when I read that you made bean soup and used your frozen ham from Christmas...that's exactly what we had for dinner on Saturday! I've got another whole ham frozen in the freezer that we got from one of the spouses clients at Christmas. I just rediscovered it when rummaging in the freezer for the ham for the soup. Guess I don't need to buy one for Easter. We've got sun, but it's still cold. Yesterday the spouse left his coffee cup on the patio table and came back later to discover the coffee was frozen!

  23. You appear to be very happy with life in your new home. I am glad for you.

    Have a happy Easter and enjoy your family.

  24. I know that Julie is always in your heart and you in hers even if not mentioned outloud. As Easter approaches, you can still communicate with the here and now family as well as with the loved ones who have crossed over before you.
    Your Potpourri was fun to read.
    I bet your garden will be beautiful!!

  25. Gosh! I like that title. I wish I'd called my blog: Kay's Potpourri. I'm sure my friends and family are just a teeny bit nervous what I might print. On the other hand, someone actually asked me why I didn't post his photo. I told him I hadn't gotten his permission. Too funny. He was actually disappointed.

    Love these photos! I know what you mean about a garden being like a blank slate. Thank goodness I had my brother plan things out. He likes doing things like that. I know you'll have a fabulous garden by next year.

  26. When my son and family live in Windsor and later Greeley it was strange weather alright. Two feet of snow and two days later it would be gone. I think I'm going find that package of 15 bean soup and make some today....:)

  27. I read your posts but what surprised me is that you cooked 15 bean soups! Or a soup with 15 varieties of beans? (You do know that English is my 3rd language…) Your neighborhood looks so good in the snow. Here we had no snow this year, no snow last year either – I would have liked at least one day. Your potpourri style is fun to read. I think that potpourri is a funny word – it comes from the French “pot” which means pot and “pourri” which means “rotten” or “rotten-pot” when in fact it is a good smelling pot with many ingredients!

  28. This is a really great post! I liked reading this very much.

  29. Sally, You live in such a beautiful place! That picture of Boston with The Hubby is precious. As pretty as the Deer are I think I would get a bit miffed if I couldn't plant my pansies. Here's hoping for a snowless Easter!
    Blessings, Joanne

  30. Glad you are loving it there. Looks beautiful! Have a wonderful Easter weekend. :)

  31. Just a very quick visit...still can't sit because of my back.

    Happy Easter.


  32. It sure sounds like you're adjusting well to your new home, and you seem happy overall. The picture of the deer made me laugh a little. We have similar issues here - growing roses is a futile endeavor because the deer love them so much. Spring for us so far has been extraordinarily beautiful. You last photo made my heart lurch, for both of us. Sending love to you.

  33. A belated Happy Easter to you, Sally! I do hope you find some plants that the deer won't eat--this fall you'll definitely have to plant some daffodils.

    The story of your father's secretary's newspaper column brought back memories. Years ago our small town newspaper printed all sorts of trivial news, including who attended dinner at someone's house and what they served. I was feeling a bit nostalgic for those good old days, but you pointed out that today she would have been a blogger. How true!


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