Sunday, July 7, 2013

After A Long Break From The Computer...

I feel like a student who missed a week of school and is now behind on my homework.
I hate that feeling!

We went on a little vacation.  We were gone from home for nearly a week.  I took my laptop with me, but I didn't turn it on for eight days.  Eight days without turning on my computer is unheard of.
We went to visit my mom for part of our vacation.  She does not have a wireless connection at her house.  I did have my personal hot spot through my iPhone.  I used it to check my email,  facebook, and read the newspaper on my husband's iPad while we were at my mother's house.  The personal hot spot is pretty nifty, but it drains the phone battery and isn't completely reliable. 

Now, because all I did for eight days was quickly read emails on my phone or iPad, I have over 1200 unread emails to deal with.  How does this happen????  I find it difficult to keep up with email anyway.  I don't get a lot of unsolicited email, so I have no idea where all these emails come from.  I must confess that I had a lot of unopened email before I went on vacation.  I tend to quickly gaze at email on my phone and never seem to delete it from my phone and computer.  I must change my ways!  

While I was away, I didn't read any blogs.  I missed out on all your news.  I guess I will just be out of the loop when it comes to what has been going on in my blogging friends' lives because I know I'll never get eight days of blog reading done.  I did miss you while I was gone.  

Our getaway was much needed and refreshing.  Stay tuned, I will post some photos soon.  

In the meantime, I'm catching up with all of you and trying to clean out my inbox on my email.  


  1. I would hit delete and start all over again! Sandie

  2. When I was gone for 2 weeks, I didn't try to catch up with blogs. I did ask everyone if there was something that THEY wanted me to specifically read to tell me and I would do that. That seemed to work for me.

    I keep up with emails --but don't hesitate deleting many of them quickly after reading them --or answering them... If I were you --I'd delete them --and start over. Good Luck.

    Just let blogging or email or FB EVER become a chore... Then you won't enjoy it as much... I've struggled with that --thinking that I 'have' to visit blogs of the people who visit me... That's so hard to do ---so I have cut my blogs down to 3 a week at most....AND---I don't visit everyone every single day!!! Have to pick and choose.

    Hope you had a wonderful vacation...


  3. So glad you got away. We all need a break from social media. Just jump in and forget about catching up.

  4. I'm glad you had a good trip,Barb. Some time away from the computer is not a bad thing. Wow, that is a lot of e-mail. Don't try to catch up....just start from today and you probably won't miss much.

  5. We all need a break occasionally and hope you thoroughly enjoyed yours! Don't feel guilty not catching up with blogs and emails, just move forward...

  6. It can be goo dt get away. And getting away from all the technology actually is something I try to convince myself is a necessity every once in a while.

  7. A break is good for body and soul. Not much new on my end except the loss of my beloved friend and companion, Baron the GSD...

  8. Hi, Sally -- welcome back. I've been gone for a week too, with very little internet (a couple of days, briefly was it.) I have no idea what's going on in the world except there is something happening in Egypt and I think Nelson Mandala is still alive and Catherine is still pregnant. Boy, did I come back relaxed!

  9. I have the same problem with e-mails. I delete the junk and right after it's down to 0...I get five more junkie e-mails! Sometimes I miss important info because I have so much junk sent to me. I just deleted almost 2,000...mostly junk. Welcome back Sally!
    Blessings, Joanne

  10. I was just thinking about you, and here you are with a post. I must admit that I can't just delete batches of unread email. But I'm going to try to send all my Facebook messages to a separate box. One of these days. Welcome back!

  11. Sometimes it's important to give yourself a break from your usual routine. I try so hard to KEEP myself in a routine that I get grumpy when it is interrupted. I'm glad you're back! :-)

  12. Welcome back. So nice that you had a refreshing time.
    Yikes, 1200 emails????? If I were facing that I think I would seek asylum in some far way country with no Internet. Good luck.

  13. I don't have a smart phone, so it's easy to keep up with email via my laptop of desktop. Those emails do pile up if not dumped every day. I treat the emails like the junk mail I get every day in the mail box - instant recycling of all but the important stuff.
    I'm glad you got away for a while.

  14. 1000 + emails? How did that happen?

    I complain when I have 100, which happens when i’ve not responded to blog comments for a day.

    the internet is great fun, I love it but it can become a stone round your neck, can’t it?

    best go through quickly and delete those you don’t care about.

    A bit of a break is a lot more important than meaningless messages.

  15. Actually, unplugging is the best way to connect with those around you, and keep the outer world suspended for a while. We are so connected that if we don't get a quick response we get upset and worried. How did we come so far?

  16. Gosh! Eight days? 1200 E-mails? When we had the very spotty connection on our canyon trip, I was frustrated at first, but it was often liberating too. I don't know if I could do it here at home though. :-)

  17. Being able to disconnect for daily life is a good thing. I'm glad you got away! :)

  18. Missed you, Sally,and I wanted to come and check on you and make sure you are doing OK.
    Good to read that you have been away and hopefully relaxing. Relax...relax...relax. (That's my advice for all my friends. I need to take my own advice, too!!)
    Away from the computer for a while is sometimes a very good thing.
    Don't worry about catching up with my blog. :)) I am a sporadic Blogger, and I usually post photos of my Grands. There will be more to come, for sure. Always good to know that you are doing well.
    Love you, my friend.

  19. Hope you had a good break! I need to learn to hit delete a lot more too!

  20. I've had to hit 'all read' several times this summer. There is just too much going on away from the computer and I want to enjoy it. Hope you enjoyed your time away!


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