Thursday, February 27, 2014

No New Vices...

My birthday approaches.
It is tomorrow.
I will be entering my 70th year.
How can that be????

Birthdays always seem to call for reflection.
I haven't been in much of a reflective mood lately.
I decided to make a quick inventory of the past year.
It must be quick.
Now is not the time to write out a long reflection.
I'll save the long reflection for my journal.

I have no new vices to report.
I do have a few new devices.
I never saw these things coming. 
Wouldn't I always be young, healthy and full of energy?
Well, I guess not.

I never thought I'd get excited about new medical devices.
Today, my new One Touch VerioSync Blood Glucose Monitoring Device arrived,
just in time for my birthday.  
(Thank you, dear hubby for always keeping my medications, medical devices, and technology up to date.  He always takes care of these things for me.  He does a great job of it too.)

While the fact that I need a glucose monitoring device is definitely not cool,
the fact that very technologically advanced glucose monitors are available is cool.

The carrying case holds the standard items:
lancing device, lancets, test strips.
The monitor is set up to sync automatically to my iPhone.
Isn't that cool?

So, if I take a blood sample and test it on the monitor, the results go directly to an app on my phone.
The time and date of the test is automatically recorded.
I then can record if the reading was taken before or after a meal.
The results automatically show where the recording falls in the target range of glucose levels.
I also have a place to record daily carb intake and exercise.
The app can detect new patterns within a 14 day period if they occur.
It also keeps a 14 day log book.

I wondered what my dad would think of the device.
I know he would be upset that I am pre-diabetic, but I know he would be happy I am on top of it and monitoring my disease.
My goal is to beat it.
Exercise and diet are the key.

Then, there is my new device that I also never saw coming.
This is the black monster that lives in my walk-in closet:  the oxygen machine.

At night, I hook it up to send oxygen to my CPAP.

I've been on oxygen at night for three nights now.
While, I still doubt I really need the oxygen, I do feel better since I have been using it.
The holter monitor results do not even come close to matching the oximeter/pulsesock results, 
Since both the holter and the oximeter reports were collected at the same time, 
the holter monitor is the most reliable test.
It shows no alarming results.
The holter monitor test would not trigger a requirement for oxygen.

I saw the cardiac nurse today and was having symptoms while I was there.
I was very light headed and my heart was in tacycardia that would not resolve itself in a timely manner,
I must see her again in two weeks,
I see a new electrophysiologist in a few weeks after that.
We will get to the bottom of my all of this cardiac business.

Do all these medical devices come with age,
genetics, lifestyle choices?  
Who knows the answer to this.
I am not going to stress over the devices that help me have a better quality of life.
I am going to give thanks for them.

New devices around here are not the only news.
We also have a few new appliances.

Even though I really didn't want to spend money on new appliances, we really did need them.
The dishwasher no long worked, and it leaked.
I said I could wash a lot of dishes by hand rather than buy a new dishwasher.
My husband said we needed to check out a sale at Sears.
I did miss my brand new Bosch that I had to leave behind when we moved a year ago.
So, we went to Sears, and my husband bought me this:
A brand new Bosch dishwasher that has three shelves for loading dishes.

While we were looking at dishwashers, I was insisting we were not buying anything at all,
but after he bought the dishwasher, 
he bought these:
A brand new microwave and a new wall oven.
The wall oven can be set to bake the old fashioned way, or I can choose convection baking.
It is pretty nifty.
I did need a new microwave and a new oven.
The old ones didn't really work,
but I didn't want the expenditure.

Now, I am able to actually cook food that is done in the middle and not burned on the outside.

After buying all of this,
he wasn't done yet.
Within minutes, he had also bought this:
a new cooktop.

I really do like this.
The old cooktop could not be trusted.
I learned too many times that the simmer setting did not mean that the food would simmer.
It meant the food would not cook at all.
Some of the burners on the old cooktop did not work.
Now, I have this beautiful new cooktop.
The blue lights indicate that the burner controls are locked so they won't be accidentally turned on.

You know what all this means, don't you?
It means I have to cook.
That's ok.  I needed to learn to cook again.
I have no excuses now.

I also got a new sewing machine.
I bought this for myself a few months ago.
Recently, my old reliable, much used sewing machine would not work at all.
It was cheaper to buy a new one than to repair the old one.
I bought, on a whim, a Singer Curvy.
I've used it once to hem a pair of pajamas for my husband.
I wasn't sure it worked right, so I finally took the machine to my one free class yesterday.
Sure enough, it has some problems and is already in for repair.
Hmmm. not sure how this will all end.

As I write this post, I become aware that 

I do have a new vice.

It is also a new device.

It is my new iPad Mini with Retina display.

I've never been a fan of iPads.
My husband had one, and I never really liked it.

My husband wanted to either buy me a new Kindle Paperwhite or an iPad Mini for Christmas.
I've used a Kindle for reading for quite a few years now, but never liked to read non-fiction on it.
After much deliberation, I decided I would give the iPad Mini a try.
Reading non-fiction on this device is great.
I can read historical fiction and link to Google for more information as I read if I so desire.
I can read the newspaper on it.
I can read magazines on it.
I can Facebook on it.
I can use it for email.
I just don't like to use it for blogging.
I must be honest.
This little device has  become my new vice.

Hey, I live in Colorado.
I could have begun smoking pot.
I have not done that, nor do I plan to do so.
That is another subject for another day.

This is the end of my quick birthday reflection.
This reflective piece was not very deep,
but it does give a quick glance into what has been going on around here lately.


  1. You're not going to take up smoking pot? And you call yourself a true Coloradoan. ;)

  2. Happy Happy Birthday! I love your new devices!! Your husband is wonderful to you:)

  3. How fortunate we are to have these devices making our lives better!

    Good luck with the cooking thing. I think I'll keep the cooktop I still don't know how to use five years after its purchase.

  4. Best wishes for the celebration of your birth. Looks like you have gotten lots of goodies already. Excluding those medical devices. Those are just not fun at all. Hoping this next year is much healthier and that you have lots of fun.

  5. A very happy birthday and have a great day!
    I think you should celebrate and smoke pot.
    enjoyed reading your poem.

  6. Happy birthday to you, Sally.
    You are so blessed...and I am so thankful to call you my friend.
    I'm glad that the new technical medical devices are available for you.
    And...the kitchen appliances, the iPad...the sewing machine. racked out!!
    And no one is more deserving.
    Hugs and happy birthday wishes to you!!!

  7. Happy Happy Birthday, Sally! Those are a whole lot of wonderful devices. I'm sorry you need some of them too, but how great that there's been advances. The glucose monitor is great! I love that it syncs with the iPhone. I had to keep a journal when I was testing for my glucose. I wish they'd invent something that could do the testing without drawing blood. Wouldn't that be cool?

    Hmmm...iPad mini? Garsh... I'm thinking we need a surface or Mac Air for travel someday when I save up for it. But I'd love an iPad mini too!

    I'm loving all your new appliances and drooling over them. Three shelves on the Bosch? Wow! We have a Bosch and it's so quiet but we only have two shelves. I'd LOVE three. Wow! Lucky you! I can see why your birthday is so happy! Yahoo!

  8. HI Sally Well I think you are reaching 69 in style and with all those pieces of equipment to keep you happy. You husband is very good to you and why shouldn't he be. Have a great day tomorrow and I hope that as you go i to your 70th year, you will be healthier and have great fun.

  9. HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!! What fun seeing all your new and sparkly devices. I felt like I'd been on the fun shopping trip right along with you.....that dishwasher is a thing of beauty, and I truly covet those ovens, too.
    We sure do seem to add devices these days, don't we?
    I was happy to shed myself of the telemonitor for BP, H2O, weight, etc, last week.
    Sure do hope you can get to the bottom and a solution for the cardiac situation. Disturbing, I am sure. My recent health challenge causes me to have great empathy! I find out Tues when I can return to work.....trying to do more each day.
    Enjoy your birthday!!!

  10. Happy birthday! My sister Norma Jean got an iPad Mini with retina display. Seems like my little Kindle is WAY behind the times. She loves hers, too. I am in my 72nd year and having tested the waters, I can tell you that your 70th year will be blessed with lots of love! :-)

  11. HAPPY BIRTHDAY SALLY. Wow have you gotten some neat gifts. What a thoughtful hubby you have. He cares for your health, making housework easier and also threw in a bit of fun. What a guy.

  12. Happy birthday, Sally. I love your positive attitude about all the new devices in your life. I hope the coming year brings answers to some medical issues and lots of fun.

  13. I live in a neighborhood full of active ninety Plus who walk and read, and discuss books with flair, who are not afraid to try new things, and are not afraid to accept new technologies that makes their lives joyful. We ought to think like them; after all, we have no plan of quitting, do we?

    Happy Birthday, Sally.

  14. Happy Birthday wishes, Sally. I hope someone pops a nice birthday cake in your new oven.

  15. Very clever: "I have no new vices to report. I do have a few new devices..." Glad to see you haven't lost your sense of humor -- and Happy B'Day!

  16. Happy Birthday! Enjoy all your new toys...I loved getting new appliances when we built the house...:)JP

  17. You're definitely worth it, Sally, and I'm glad Jim knows it! Happy 70 - I'll be following in your footsteps in May. I have a cooktop like you have, and we also bought a new Bosch last year. My cooktop is from when we built the house in 1995 and is still as good as new.

  18. It sounds like you've been gifted all year long. Now you can go into your 70th year all set to be healthy and well fed and well informed. New devices are fun!
    Happy Birthday!

  19. Happy Birthday, Sally, and many, many more!

  20. Happy birthday for yesterday, Sally. I enjoyed your wander through your new devices, all of which seem to me to be useful, not extravagant. I too don't buy new stuff for the sake of it, but we do have to cook and wash dishes and if we can do these chores efficiently, we save time for other things.

    P.S. I'd love an iPad, but we have a wired network, so it wouldn't be any use. Sigh....

  21. Whoa! You have a hubby who really wants the best for you, both healthwise and in the appliance department.

    Sounds like a wonderful birthday. And I got a laugh out of your discussion of new vices. I almost noted your lack of mind-altering vices, but an iPad Mini might be classed as mind altering!

  22. Hi Sally. What a great birthday post. I can't imagine you smoking pot, but them again , I could be wrong!! I think you are taking the right attitude towards your medical aids. If they make life easier for you, them that's good, isn't it?! I love the one that connects to your phone. Gosh , Jim came up trumps with all those new appliances , didn't he? They all look fantastic and, hopefully , make cooking a pleasure again for you. Where does the time go my friend?!

  23. I hope I do 70 have as well as you! What a great birthday this has turned out to be for you, in spite of your health issues. You have the best attitude of anyone I know, and I know that will keep you young for the rest of your life. I'm so grateful you're in my life.

  24. Happy Birthday. I'm your senior by almost 2 yrs! So take heart! Plenty of life in the old dog yet!

    Wow....... all those lovely presents! Enjoy your new toys. I think modern technology is pretty wonderful, don't you!
    Just as well we live in this era and not 50 yrs ago.
    Hope you continue to feel heaps better.
    Maggie x

    Nuts in May

  25. Hi, We are home from a wonderful trip to Arkansas with friends. Photos tomorrow!!!!!

    Looks like you have had a great week, including a fantastic birthday. WOW--look at all of your 'new' things.. I'm impressed---well, except that you need the medical stuff... However, it is a good thing that there are so many wonderful things available for us in the medical field these days...


  26. Happy Birthday, indeed. Lots of instructions to read, I'm thinking. I've never seen a CPAP that had oxygen hooked to it. A high altitude thing?

    Anyway, good luck with all your new stuff.

  27. Pretty impressive. I still like the fifties better in many ways but have to admit some new communication devices have won me over medical advances particularly at Mayo Clinic save my life once and Mrs. T's twice for cancer. And that doesn't count the fix they did with an ablation on my A-Fib...:)

  28. What a lot of new gadgets you’ve bought between you!
    Well, with a big birthday in the offing, why not?
    Happy belated birthday wishes; I hope the new year will bring you everything you want.

    I am amazed at all the new healthcare gadgets. You have the equipment for a small hospital assembled at home!I hope the appliances will make life easier and healthier.

    PS: I love my IPad, wouldn’t ever want to be without it. I still blog at the big desktop mac, but do everything else on the IPad.

  29. Bleated Birthday Wishes!! Seems you must have enjoyed the day and got many gifts...

  30. Happy Belated Birthday, Sally!
    What an amazing set of gadgets & gizmos you've acquired to celebrate 70 years ;)
    Hoping you had a fabulous birthday & praying this next year finds you in better health.
    As for your sewing machine, has it been returned to you yet? What will your next project be? Happy Friday, friend!

  31. Laughing my way through this and admiring your humor in the face of health challenges and all your fun appliances! It's amazing what's out there now to make managing our health a little easier. And good for you for jumping into them and taking care of you!

    All my appliances (except the stove, which is REALLY old) came to the house in 1995 when I bought it. Almost 20 years old and probably not the most energy efficient things in the world. So, if you detect a bit of envy -- you are right!

    Most of all I send Happy Birthday wishes. I suspect I'm late, not seeing blogs during my road trip. But the greetings are no less heartfelt! Wishing you joy AND health in the new year!

  32. I read your post about your health. My husband also uses a Bpap. He was having period when his heart was working overtime and he felt very light headed, ready to faint. His cardiologist gave him an “electric test” of some sort to the heart. He was found to have an abnormal heart rhythm and I was told to get him to lay on the floor when it starts and place his feet up on a chair – it works and when this happens he usually feels OK in less than a minute.

    I am pleased to read that you like your iPad mini. We are going on another big trip this year and I thought it might be easier to bring an iPad than my little computer but did not know anyone with a mini iPad – so I am pleased to read your report. I’ll go to the Apple store in Atlanta next week to have a look. Happy belated birthday!

  33. I missed this blog post. Happy Belated Birthday! I am glad that the new technologies--both the fun ones and the not-so-fun ones--are available to you. By the way, I miss my Bosch dishwasher left behind, too.


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